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Application Configuration


About My ERP

MyERP is comprehensive application which can be easily and swiftly adapted to many businesses from one or more verticals. The product is built on workflow principles and with ready configurations for various industry verticals and / or scenario. Thought the product has potential to be deployed for large organization product owner have decided to focus on small and medium enterprises with turn over not exceeding INR 500 crores or $100mn. These enterprises often struggle due to lack of expertise and need lot of handholding, through the processes. Mensa consulting also provides services to help SME companies to implement ERP . Traditionally and logically success of ERP is often to linked to mere data capture at various points in business. All over the world it has been found that Customer are running the business in same industry in different style. Every business house has some unique ways/tradition to run the business. My ERP considers this fact and evolves around the business process helping customers to easily adapt for the change.

E MessageCenter can be used along with any and can be integrated to any platform using Microsoft platform on which message center is built.


MyERP is completely equipped to handle growing companies and growing demands. No of users , no of suppliers or number clients, Growing product and or services, or simply growing volume services. It is ready for all. Multi location invoicing integrated with central server. Multi webserver deployment with integrated invoice maintenance.

Easy Licensing

MyERP has configured licensing policy around server. Being web or browser based product licensing is exactly similar to Microsoft licensing policy and has server license and Client Access license. However to make it easy for companies to increase their users and or add the suppliers or clients to access the ERP it creates very investor friendly approach of licensing. To understand more about Licensing you are requested to call our business partners and understand how it can benefit you /your organization and save money.


To help customer enhance ERP on their own, we have chosen flexible platform. We have chosen Microsoft platform for our web application to transfer following built in advantages to the users.

  • User friendly and more intuitive.
  • To reduce cost of maintenance.
  • Great Data integration option at no extra cost (condition apply)
  • Continuous support. For Operating system and database.
  • One platform for all needs including data extraction using excel or reporting system.
  • Integration with Office product suite.
  • Abundantly available skilled resources.

These advantages bring down TCO for Customer quite lower than that of Open source applications.