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About E-MessageCenter

E-MessageCenter gives immense power to all types of businesses from all industry verticals. It primarily is a complete communication center of modern times meant for private communication between business entities. It enables clients a remote power at lowest possible costs. Controlling your applications or process automation parameter using SMS and or email is not a dream anymore.

E MessageCenter can be used along with any and can be integrated to any platform using Microsoft platform on which message center is built.

E- Message Center Addresses all communication needs of your office and or organization beyond voice and except voice. It reduces human intervention in daily routine drastically bringing down resource involvement in terms of monitory resources and or human resources to astonishing low levels.

It provides flexibility to choose operator to save the cost and can help increase over all cost efficiency.


E MessageCenter is completely scalable, It uses external USB GSM modem to send and receive messages. It has been designed to handle multiple GSM modems and is completely scalable.

Easy Licensing

Every installation of E MessageCenter is controlled remotely for licensing and is licenses for mere one time cost. The variable cost factor is applicable beyond 5 processes., every process is charges extra and is handled by our partners. Product support is available remotely


To help customer enhance ERP, we have chosen flexible platform. We have chosen Microsoft platform for our web application to transfer following built in advantages to the users.

  • No User interface required.
  • To reduce cost of maintenance.
  • Great Data integration option at no extra cost.
  • Continuous support. For Operating system and database.
  • One platform for all needs including data extraction using excel or reporting system.
  • Integration with Office product suite.
  • Abundantly available skilled resources.

These advantages bring down TCO for Customer quite lower than that of Open source applications.